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Hugh Hewitt: The Triumph of Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed—the Trump Administration’s aggressive program pushing for a vaccine for COVID-19—is on the cusp of success.

We know the vaccines work—and without serious side effects.

Now: Everyone’s got to get it. We need 70-80 percent of America vaccinated to have herd immunity in the country.

Operation Warp Speed is a triumph of science and logistics without parallel. It may be the greatest achievement of the Trump administration.

President Trump gets credit for the Abraham Accords, which have changed the face of the Middle East. He gets credit for the American awakening to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party. He gets credit for three Supreme Court justices and 54 appeals court judges. He gets credit for the greatest economic recovery in history and he gets credit for massive deregulation.

But Operation Warp Speed is probably Trump’s greatest achievement.

It’s reasonable to hope and believe that by March we’ll be at herd immunity in the United States.

It’s great news for a pandemic-weary nation and world.

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Bowyer: The Prospects of Foreign Policy Under Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden is running on a campaign of returning to the Obama years. But when it comes to foreign policy, that could end up being a disaster.

Under the Obama-Biden administration, the greater Middle East collapsed into revolution and civil war. Their administration helped overthrow the government of Libya, extending a war that has killed thousands and has drawn in a host of foreign actors. They gave arms to Syrian rebels—arms which later fell into the hands of terrorists. The Syrian Civil War has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Biden’s plan includes a continuation of Obama’s interventionist ideology and a pivot away from the peace initiatives we’ve seen from Trump in the recent Abraham Accords. Biden has made a habit of picking fights and embracing bad actors.

Trump has brought the Middle East closer to peace. A President Biden may pull it back into chaos.

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