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Jerry Bowyer: Amazon Should Smile on All Charities

With millions of Americans unemployed or forced to shutter their businesses, charitable organizations are becoming even more vital. Through their “Smile” program, Amazon allows customers to give small amounts to charities as part of their orders.

But the tech giant relies on the progressive Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which charities are worthy of their support. But the SPLC isn’t a neutral arbiter: it’s a left-wing smear factory—labeling many Christian charities as “hate groups.”

In light of this, the Alliance Defending Freedom has launched a campaign to persuade Amazon, a publicly-traded company, to stop depending on the SPLC’s absurd blacklist as a guide for their program. It’s imperative that investors and consumers push back on organizations like the SPLC that exercise such enormous influence over corporate life.

Amazon should allow their consumer to help fund any charity that is actually helping people, not just those that conform to left-wing dogma.

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Getting America Back on Track

Townhall Review – April 25, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the deception China funneled to much of the planet via the World Health Organization.

Sebastian Gorka and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani talk about America’s resilience during crisis.

Hugh Hewitt talks with National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien about the Chinese government’s lack of transparency and how that affects combating COVID-19 and other viruses that originated in China.

Kevin McCullough and Gordon Chang talk about the dangers of China and their impact on the world around them.

Hugh Hewitt talks with U.S. Attorney General William Barr about the challenges facing and actions taken by President Trump in combating the Coronavirus.

Dennis Prager talks with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko about his methods of treating patients infected with COVID-19.

Hugh Hewitt and David Cortman, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, talk about defending the rights of churches as restrictions are being placed on gatherings to combat COVID-19.

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Albert Mohler: Girls Speak Up for Girls’ Sports

A story coming out of Connecticut reveals one of the most inevitable collisions on the current cultural landscape.

The policymaking panel for interscholastic sports in Connecticut says a high school student must be able to compete according to the student’s declared gender identity.

The parents of three female track athletes are now suing in federal court—charging that allowing biological males to compete as females destroys the very idea of female athletic competition.

The attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom said, “Forcing girls to be spectators in their own sports is completely at odds with Title IX, a federal law designed to create equal opportunities for women in education and athletics. Connecticut’s policy violates that law and reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women.”

Well, that’s an inevitable collision.

The current policy is an attempt to try to posit moral autonomy—one’s stated or claimed gender identity—over biological, creational reality.

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