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Jerry Bowyer: Amazon Joins Other Big Tech in Limiting Dissent

Alex Berenson, a former reporter for the New York Times, garnered a following for straying from the prevailing wisdom of the press regarding coronavirus. His criticism of the shutdowns sparked an inordinate backlash from elite media.

And then he was censored by Amazon.

After he self-published a booklet critical of the lockdowns through Amazon, they took it upon themselves to prevent the public from reading it. As if to add insult to injury, they delivered Berenson a notice implying that his book would be accepted if he removed the references to COVID-19. In a book about COVID-19.

It was only after Elon Musk criticized their censorship that Amazon allowed the book’s publication. Then it hit number one on the Kindle store.

If Amazon continues to limit dissent, the result won’t be conformity with the established order: it will be more consumer revolts against imposed ideology.

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Jerry Bowyer: An Election Season to Watch

The presidential election might not be until November, but another election season has already started. America’s largest corporations are now holding annual shareholder meetings—and we should all be paying attention.

One to track closely is on May 27—when Amazon’s investors are going to be asked to vote on whether to end Amazon’s practice of outsourcing its charitable screening to the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.

By relying on these biased activists, Amazon has excluded Christian charities such as the Family Research Council from the list of options which customers can support via Amazon’s Smile program. As a publicly-traded company, Amazon is ultimately subject to its shareholders.

If you’re invested in Amazon, you’re an owner. You should speak out. There’s an election on May 27th and it will determine whether one of the largest corporations in the world can treat Christianity as a hate group.

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Jerry Bowyer: Amazon Should Smile on All Charities

With millions of Americans unemployed or forced to shutter their businesses, charitable organizations are becoming even more vital. Through their “Smile” program, Amazon allows customers to give small amounts to charities as part of their orders.

But the tech giant relies on the progressive Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which charities are worthy of their support. But the SPLC isn’t a neutral arbiter: it’s a left-wing smear factory—labeling many Christian charities as “hate groups.”

In light of this, the Alliance Defending Freedom has launched a campaign to persuade Amazon, a publicly-traded company, to stop depending on the SPLC’s absurd blacklist as a guide for their program. It’s imperative that investors and consumers push back on organizations like the SPLC that exercise such enormous influence over corporate life.

Amazon should allow their consumer to help fund any charity that is actually helping people, not just those that conform to left-wing dogma.

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Jerry Bowyer: Amazon Moves in a Chilling Direction

Amazon recently announced that it will no longer sell books by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and others which help people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction.

With this, we’ve crossed a new boundary in the no-longer latent authoritarianism of the sexual revolution. In Judaism and Christianity, your nature is defined by God. In ancient Greek thought, it was defined by nature. Our modern on-going sexual revolution threw all of that aside and said that you define yourself, your will decides your identity.

But now even that restraint is being thrown off, and a one-way door is erected in its place. If you want to self-identify as gay, you can, and help is available. But if you want to self-identify as straight, the help window is slammed shut.

Amazon is moving in a chilling direction: from online book seller to online book censor.

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Jerry Bowyer: The Latest Blunt Instrument of the Left

Amazon Corporation is looking for a site at which to build a 2nd headquarters, and they’ve narrowed the list down to 20 American cities. But a group which calls itself ‘No Gay, No Way’ is pressuring the company to knock Austin; Dallas; Nashville; Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; Miami; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Washington, D.C off the list. The problem is that the red states which are less likely to embrace special protections for sexual identity also tend to be low tax.

This is not about protecting gay Amazon employees. This is about power, about using economic intimidation to punish cities and states which have not yet submitted.

But if the management knuckles under to activists and rejects cities with better business climates, it does so at the expense of owners, employees and customers.

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