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Dan Proft: Black Leaders Push Back Against the New York Times

“The 1619 Project doesn’t seem to believe in America or black people,”—those words come from Brown University Economics Professor Glenn Loury, talking about the New York Times’ project that’s pushing a revisionist history of slavery and the United States.

The 1619 Project aims to redefine America’s founding date and its founding values.

The 1619 Project presents a stilted view of American history. It tells of slavery (almost exclusively) but not the Civil War. It covers the Tuskegee Experiment but not the Tuskegee Airmen.

Theirs is a demonstrably false story of America as the forever oppressor and black Americans as the forever victims.

But the battle has now been joined.

A group of leading black intellectuals—led by Civil Rights Movement veteran Bob Woodson—have launched “1776 Unites” as a direct response to 1619’s divisiveness.

Woodson is correcting the historical record, as he said, “in the spirit of 1776, the date of America’s true founding.”

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Michael Medved: A Warm, Optimistic State of the Union Address

President Trump’s election year State of the Union address struck a different tone from his previous major speeches—an adjustment well-crafted to connect with shifts in the national mood.

The president did not mention impeachment—never came across as aggrieved or defensive—instead exulting in real accomplishments of his first three years while honoring admirable Americans that his team had assembled in the galleries.

This warmer, more optimistic approach reflected remarkable Gallup polls showing increased confidence in the nation’s direction: in rating the “overall quality of life” a remarkable 84 percent called themselves satisfied, while—by a margin of three-to-one—respondents felt satisfied at “the opportunity to get ahead by working hard.”

If the president continues to work hard himself to promote and reflect this sunny mood, he can help ensure his re-election and build the foundation for a successful second term.

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Michael Medved: The Left Wallows in Grief, Despair and Fears of Imminent Destruction

In the midst of an impeachment battle they can’t possibly win, Democrats wallow in despair and grief, according to two articles in the New York Times. Michelle Goldberg writes about her “anxiety and anger…a demoralizing degree of fear, even depression.”

A different piece by Sarah Lyall bears the sub-headline “Trump Anxiety Colors Everything” quoting a Georgia Democrat saying: “Four years is as long as I can go but eight years – we won’t have an America left.”

Such paranoia never explains how, precisely, America will disappear. How do they expect democracy to die? Sure, the present polarization is painful, but we hardly stand at the edge of dissolution or destruction. By nearly all measures, America’s better off than at the time of Trump’s election three years ago and claims that the nation is about to collapse underestimate the robust durability of our Constitution, our economy and our institutions.

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A Christmas Story Special

Townhall Review — December 21, 2019

In this special edition of the Townhall Review, Michael Medved tells the story of Christmas, from the humble beginnings of Jesus Christ’s birth to Saint Nicholas to Santa Clause. Medved shares how Christmas was both frowned upon and celebrated in colonial America and how General George Washington used the holiday to his advantage in the Revolutionary War. Dennis Prager rounds out the show by expressing his gratitude for religion and particularly Christianity in America, even though he is a Jew.

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