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Albert Mohler: Amy Coney Barrett and the Supreme Court: What’s Really at Stake

So, what’s really up when you hear controversy over how judges are to apply the Constitution of the United States? Actually, more than most citizens understand.

Here is the plain and simple issue at stake: In the early twentieth century, liberal justices on the Supreme Court began to argue for what they called a “living Constitution.” They meant that the Constitution had to be understood as a document that judges must make relevant for their own times. This is how they came up with a supposedly constitutional right to abortion, for example.

Conservative justices are “originalists,” meaning they read the Constitution as it was written, in its original meaning. If the judges get to make up new meanings of the Constitution and essentially legislate, we are ruled by judges, not by law.

All that is at stake in the fight for the Supreme Court, and you can see why it is so important.

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