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Jerry Bowyer: J.K. Rowling Pushes Back Against Cancel Culture

Some prominent liberals are starting to push back against cancel culture. Leading the way is J.K. Rowling, author of the fabulously successful Harry Potter novels. On Twitter, Rowling had expressed her support for a woman who was fired for nothing more than claiming that men and women are fundamentally different.

The Twitter mob was shocked. I wasn’t. The accomplished author has a more nuanced political philosophy than many of her readers.

The uber-villain Voldemort was clearly a stand-in for fascism. But we also had arch-villain, Grindelwald, an obvious stand-in for Marx and his minions.

Rowling has always known that there is a threat to human dignity from both the authoritarian right and the authoritarian left.

She has an almost miraculous ability to read a cultural moment. I think she’s reading what the rest of us are: the writing is on the wall for cancel culture.

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Jerry Bowyer: China and the Coronavirus

Amidst the chaos surrounding the coronavirus, it’s worth asking how it got to the point of our now global pandemic. We should not overlook or quickly move past China’s authoritarian, messianic government.

Remember—as the Wall Street Journal reported—one of the very first doctors to discover the outbreak was accused of “spreading rumors.” Another was forced to write a letter apologizing for the “negative impact” his warning had.

The Chinese government is exceptionally harsh on anyone that questions the benevolence and competence of the Communist Party.

That’s how the Chinese cult of personality works. That’s why they persecute the Church.

What kind of country would punish doctors for trying to prevent a plague? The kind that has replaced God with the state.

I’m not pre-occupied with calling it the Chinese coronavirus or the Wuhan virus. But there is no doubt that the Chinese government does bear unique culpability.

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David Davenport: We’re Number 45


For nearly 50 years now, Freedom House has published its annual survey of the freest countries in the world. This year’s report contains some troubling news.

First, with an increase in authoritarian regimes and populism, overall freedom in the world declined in the past year.

Second, the United States, after dropping a point in freedom last year, lost another point this year. Where would you rank the U.S. among the freest countries? Number one or two, certainly in the top 10? No, the U.S. is now tied for 45th.

Though we are still rated as “free,” the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction. Burdened by over-regulation, with attacks on our political system from within and without, American democracy is seen as troubled.

Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” When it comes to freedom, we should never be content to say, “we’re number 45.”

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