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California’s Napa Valley Burns and Hollywood is Exposed

Opioids Tariffs

Townhall Review – October 14, 2017

Hugh Hewitt turns to Polito’s Jake Sherman to discuss President Trump’s tweet barrage in light of disasters of the past six weeks. Michael Medved explains why Harvey Weinstein’s success as a film producer doesn’t excuse him from common decency. Hugh Hewitt speaks with Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallager, a national security expert, on why Trump’s push for maintaining our nuclear arsenal is a good idea. Mike Gallagher speaks with corporate security specialist Paul Viollis about the disturbing timeline news concerning the Vegas Massacre. Dennis Prager laments the latest news of the Boy Scouts announcing that it will now allow girls to join. Hugh Hewitt interviews his long-time friend Dr. Larry Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College, on the origin of citizen’s rights to bear arms. Finally, Mike Gallagher invites Joe Piscopo, host of AM970 The Answer, to the microphone to explain why he invests time and energy into saving Columbus Day.

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Mohler: The Scouts and the Moral Revolution

Billy Graham

The Mormon Church recently announced that it will be severing its long relationship with the Boy Scouts of America for boys and young men aged 14 to 18.

In terms of religious groups that sponsor scouting organizations, the Mormon Church is, by percentage, by far the leader of the pack.

There can be no question that in the background this decision by the Mormon Church is the Boy Scouts’ decision to include gay and transgender scouts as well as openly gay scout leaders. Recently, there have also been open calls for the Boy Scouts to include girls within the organization.

When you reach the point in a society where it is no longer tenable—perhaps one day no longer even legal—to have an organization that would put either boy or girl in its title in any kind of restrictive sense, then we are looking not at the beginning or even the middle stages of a revolution in morality. We’re looking at the acceleration of its most radical stage.

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