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Albert Mohler: The Tech Giants Embrace Cancel Culture

Many of you tracked with the fact that both Facebook and Twitter have banned or suspended President Trump.

You’re also likely aware that the Parler app has been suspended by both Google and Apple. We’re looking at a major change in the entire landscape of social media, and we’re looking at unprecedented territory.

What does it mean? First, of course, it means that President Trump is likely to have a great deal of difficulty reaching his base.

But, the second issue is not really about President Trump at all. It’s about the power of these social media giants—and the rise of cancel culture.

We should be first to point out that there is never an excuse for inciting violence through social media or any other form of media. We should also understand that something far short of inciting violence could incite these kinds of policies.

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Jerry Bowyer: Hamilton Film in Cancel Culture Crosshairs

The fabulously successful play and now film “Hamilton” is now under a lot of criticism. On race, Alexander Hamilton was ahead of his time—but not 200 years ahead of his time, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the film about him is now in the crosshairs of cancel culture.

I can see another reason why violent extremists might be opposed to the play. In a rap battle in which Thomas Jefferson pressures George Washington to support the French Revolution, Washington rejects the idea of street violence:

“The people are leading!”

“The people are rioting! There’s a difference! Frankly it’s a little disquieting you would let your ideals blind you to reality!”

In the play and in reality, Hamilton and Washington were both skeptical about violence in the streets. Maybe all those who are either celebrating or sympathetic to the violence today should worried about the movie’s popularity as well.

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Jerry Bowyer: J.K. Rowling Pushes Back Against Cancel Culture

Some prominent liberals are starting to push back against cancel culture. Leading the way is J.K. Rowling, author of the fabulously successful Harry Potter novels. On Twitter, Rowling had expressed her support for a woman who was fired for nothing more than claiming that men and women are fundamentally different.

The Twitter mob was shocked. I wasn’t. The accomplished author has a more nuanced political philosophy than many of her readers.

The uber-villain Voldemort was clearly a stand-in for fascism. But we also had arch-villain, Grindelwald, an obvious stand-in for Marx and his minions.

Rowling has always known that there is a threat to human dignity from both the authoritarian right and the authoritarian left.

She has an almost miraculous ability to read a cultural moment. I think she’s reading what the rest of us are: the writing is on the wall for cancel culture.

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