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Albert Mohler: Senator Sanders vs. Religious Liberty

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Bernie Sanders recently announced that he will oppose President Trump’s nominee for assistant budget director, Russell Vought, because Vought penned a blog in which he said that Muslims “stand condemned” because they have rejected Jesus Christ. Vought’s post was a defense of his alma mater, Wheaton College, a Christian institution,...

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Michael Medved: Britain’s Most Serious Religious Problem

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The horrific Manchester terror attack raises uncomfortable questions about the imperfect integration of Britain’s Muslim minority. A series of such brutal incidents in the United Kingdom involved native-born British subjects, not recent refugees. And despite some fears of Islam’s surging influence, the most recent numbers show that self-identified Muslims still...

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Dan Proft: Deadly Leftist Xenophobia

NEA, Students assult Allison Stranger

There is a Christian genocide occurring in Iraq and Syria. But the Left is preventing America from providing asylum for the religiously persecuted. ISIS targets both the Shia and Sunni Muslims who refuse to join its terrorist ranks. But the Left is preventing America from providing a safe haven to...

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Hugh Hewitt Interviews Archbishop Charles Chaput About “Strangers In A Strange Land”

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Archbishop Charles Chaput

The Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss his newly published book, “Strangers In A Strange Land” which counsels Christians about how to live in a post-Christian era. Join Hugh Hewitt’s premium content website at Hughniverse.com.

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