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Strachan: J. I. Packer: 1926-2020

A giant has fallen. J. I. Packer—the great theologian—has died at 93. Packer was spiritually listless as a boy. When he went to Oxford for university, everything changed.

His conversion happened at an evening service at St. Aldate’s Anglican Church in 1944. Initially, he was bored. Then Packer awoke spiritually. He knew “He needed to come in” to Christ, and did. On an unremarkable evening, the modern church gained one of her greatest voices.

Packer was linked with D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Christianity Today, Regent College, and the ESV Bible. He became a one-man publishing house for a brand of twentieth-century theology that was Reformational, biblical, cross-centered, and surprisingly experiential. His book “Knowing God” is a classic.

But Packer was no retiring flower. He wrote at full sail, with all hands to arms. He walked with God, taught us to know God, and then he was caught up to heaven. We honor him.

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Albert Mohler: Evangelicals and Trump 2020

In the run-up to Christmas, you may have seen coverage of an editorial in Christianity Today by the magazine’s outgoing Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli, calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

The editorial set off a whirlwind.

Galli called the president’s actions with regard to Ukraine, “profoundly immoral.”

“None of the president’s positives,” Galli said, “can balance the moral and political danger we face under a leader of such grossly immoral character.”

Many looking at this have said that what is evident is a split between an evangelical elite against President Trump and populist evangelicals for the president.

I’d argue that there’s a third category—that is American evangelicals who understand fully the moral issues at stake, but who also understand the political context and have made a decision to support President Trump, not out of mere political expediency and certainly not out of naivete, but out of their own analysis of what is at stake.

That analysis, rather than CT’s editorial, is likely to have real impact.

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