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Hugh Hewitt: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Secular Absolutism And Religious Liberty

U.S. Senate

President Trump’s enduring support among evangelical Christians and Mass-attending Catholics befuddles many of his critics. The genuinely confused, instead of those who merely arch their eyebrows, should realize that for millions of voters, religious liberty remains the overarching issue of the day. And most of those voters are very well...

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Albert Mohler: Promise Of Easter

Handmaid’s Tale

This Sunday is Easter, a great celebration day for Christians. The Church bears a mandate to proclaim the truth that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. The resurrected Lord gave the Church a sacred commission to take the gospel—the message of Christ’s victory over sin and death—throughout the world....

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Hugh Hewitt Interviews Archbishop Charles Chaput About “Strangers In A Strange Land”

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Archbishop Charles Chaput

The Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss his newly published book, “Strangers In A Strange Land” which counsels Christians about how to live in a post-Christian era. Join Hugh Hewitt’s premium content website at Hughniverse.com.

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