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Hugh Hewitt: Normalcy Beckons

Baseball’s spring training is always a time of hope, but this year is in a whole different category.

All who have listened to even a bit my radio program know that I’m a fan of Cleveland sports: the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers—and of course the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

As the Indians—and all of major league baseball—begin spring training game, the air is filled with a sentiment all too rare for many months: hope.

The Indians will be at Progressive Field starting April 5—and there will be fans in the stands, limited capacity at first, but fans loudly cheering and lustily booing. Television cameras will be able to pan the stands and not see cutouts, but kids with mitts hoping for a foul tip at Progressive Field.

Vaccines are rolling out. People are going back to work and school.

I’ve been scheduled for my second shot myself.

2020 was a very long year.

But what a great year 2021 will be.

Normalcy beckons.

We grieve those we’ve lost, but we look forward with hope.

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Michael Medved: Glib, Simplistic and False Explanations for Murderous Violence

The horrific shooting in El Paso shows the folly behind glib, simplistic explanations for deadly violence. Twenty-two deaths in this single incident nearly equals the 23 victims in all El Paso murders last year. For more than a decade, this border metropolis of 680,000 has been one of America’s safest cities—despite widespread fire-arm ownership in Texas and limited gun regulation, exposing the illogic behind leftist attempts to blame deadly incidents on law-abiding gun owners.

Meanwhile, El Paso’s population is 82 percent Latino, with its low crime history undermining demagogues who connect Hispanic immigration with high levels of violence. In fact, three of the safest big cities anywhere—El Paso, San Jose and San Diego—each have disproportionately huge Latino populations, while cities with the highest murder rates—St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit and Cleveland—have at most 7 percent Latino population, less than half the national average.

We must reject simplistic and false explanations in order to responsibly address murderous gun violence.

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