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Michael Medved: Biden’s Blunder on Court Packing

Joe Biden makes a serious mistake when he repeatedly refuses to answer legitimate questions about his position on adding new justices to the Supreme Court—the same scheme of “court packing” that became FDR’s biggest blunder in 1937.

Biden says he’ll reveal his intentions after the election, but not before—denying voters a fully informed choice on November 3rd. The right answer should be easy: expressing confidence in the court and its moderate leadership by Chief Justice Roberts, while pledging no effort to add new justices unless there’s a sudden series of power-grabbing decisions that violate from the Constitutional mainstream.

Republican appointees have comprised the court majority for 45 years, but the Supremes have hardly moved in an ultra-conservative direction. Biden must ultimately come clean on his court-packing plans, or pay a political price for hiding information the electorate deserves.

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