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THR 5/20/17: A Media Storm of Epic Proportions

Philip Rucker of The Washington Post joins the Hugh Hewitt Show to defend the WaPo story alleging that President Trump shared classified information with the Russians. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse also joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss the allegation that Trump asked disgraced former FBI Director James Comey to end the...

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THR 5/13/17: “The President Was 100% Correct” to Fire James Comey

James Kallstrom, former FBI Assistant Director, says that Trump was “100% correct” to fire James Comey on the Mike Gallagher Show. Michael Medved looks at Sally Yates’ testimony in front of a Senate committee. Secretary Tom Price joins the Mike Gallagher Show to explain the House’s healthcare bill. Dennis Prager...

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THR 5/6/17: Trump’s Tax Cuts and Spending Plan

Economist Larry Kudlow praises Trump’s tax plan on the Michael Medved Show. Mike Gallagher and the Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore question whether Trump and the Republicans got steamrolled by the Democrats on the latest budget deal. North Korea expert Gordon Chang talks to Michael Medved about the high tensions on...

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Heather Mac Donald on Race Relations 25 Years After Rodney King

The Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald joined the Dennis Prager Show to discuss the 25 anniversary of the Rodney King incident and how race relations and police policies stand today. Prager and Mac Donald discuss her latest column, “Venerating Havoc.” Join Dennis Prager’s premium content website at Pragertopia.com.  

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THR 2/25/17: H.R. McMaster: A Legendary General

media, Gorsuch, Trump chooses General H.R. McMaster for NSA chief

Hugh Hewitt interviews Richard Haass, who serves as president of the Council on Foreign Relations, about the importance of the National Security Adviser role. Hewitt asks Senator Tom Cotton why he is pleased with President Trump’s pick of General McMaster to be the next National Security Adviser. Michael Medved says...

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Dennis Prager Responds to Bruce Jenner’s “Transformation”

The great Olympian decathlete, Bruce Jenner, is now a Caitlyn Jenner. Is he going to be happier as a she? Prager unpacks and also cites how Johns Hopkins University no longer performs gender reassignment surgery. In fact, one of their psychiatrists calls gender disorder a “mental disorder” and sex changes as “biologically impossible.”

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