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Trump Impeached a Second Time

Townhall Review for January 16, 2021

Hugh Hewitt and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse talk about the latest effort by Democrats to impeach the President.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw about the second effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

Bob Frantz and Peter Kirsanow, member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, talk about the actions by social media to eliminate Parler.

Mike Gallagher talks about the how and why big tech moved so quickly against Parler.

Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about the dangers the Chinese Communist Party pose for the new President.

Dennis Prager talks with restaurant owner Angela Marsden about the banning of outdoor dining at her restaurant while Hollywood filming crews were allowed to dine outdoors in the same parking lot.

Mike Gallagher examines how President-elect Biden missed a prime opportunity to help bring some sanity to the volatile situation in the nation’s capitol.

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Albert Mohler: A Win for Religious Liberty Coast to Coast

An extremely important ruling and defense of religious liberty was handed down the day before Thanksgiving by the Supreme Court of the United States. It was a five-four ruling in defense of the Roman Catholic diocese of Brooklyn, and also a Jewish congregation, but it’s not just a win for those two religious bodies. It’s a win for religious liberty coast to coast.

For the first time in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court of the United States by that five-four majority said, this has gone on too long and government has overstepped. It’s gone too far. And in defense of religious liberty, the court handed down a preliminary injunction. This is very different than how the Supreme Court has handled these issues since the beginning of the pandemic and this will send a very clear signal.

But just do the math, five-four. And note this, three of the five justices in defense of religious liberty, three of the five were nominated to the court by President Donald Trump. And they were confirmed by a Senate with a Republican majority. Elections have consequences. And right now our focus, even as we celebrate this win for religious liberty, has to be on that special election in Georgia on the 5th of January. Elections have consequences. Yes. And just remember, that when for religious liberty was one of the consequences of previous elections. Now we understand what’s at stake.

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Hugh Hewitt: Framing the Trump Legacy

Donald Trump’s legacy will be framed by his actions between now and the inauguration.

He won in 2016 against all odds—and went on to four years of knockdown battles with the political, media and legal establishments.

He awakened the American people to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party, brought new peace and alliances in the Middle East, isolated the rogue regime in Iran and rebuilt the U.S. military.

He saw through three—count them, three—Supreme Court justices and more than 220 judges total. He can claim the first realignment since Ronald Reagan in 1980—all in the face of the most partisan impeachment in U.S. history.

His actions over the next 60 days though can frame his legacy and secure that place in U.S. history.

They ought to be focused on Operation Warp Speed delivering vaccines and therapeutics while the nation and the world witnesses a smooth transition of power.

It will be a glorious pivot in the story.

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Election Litigation and Anti-Trump Media Hyperbole Ramp Up: Hugh Hewitt with Senator Ted Cruz

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Ted Cruz about the Trump Administration’s mounting lawsuits against election fraud and the legal firepower that will be required to win in court. They also discuss the media’s bias and the danger it poses to our republic.

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