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Albert Mohler: This Is No Time for Indecision

This is no time for indecision. The battle for the future of the Supreme Court means that Republicans cannot fumble their responsibility to win confirmation of a new justice before Election Day.

President Donald Trump has pledged to nominate a new justice quickly, and he indicated that he will appoint a woman to fill the seat left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has proven his ability to get President Trump’s nominees through the confirmation process.

Many will be calling on senators to wait until after the election, but Republican senators have better remember that voters will hold them accountable if they fail at this stewardship.

Brace yourselves for an epic political battle, then tell Republican senators that you will never forget how they handle this challenge

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Hugh Hewitt: Our Irresponsible Media

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, I am increasingly convinced that a large portion of the electorate will be casting a vote for him this fall in no small part as a rebuke to the media’s descent into a sort of collective hatred of the president.

Today’s journalistic elite is so quick to slice and dice any accomplishment of the administration—with no concern over the cost.

The latest iteration of this was the historic peace deal in the Middle East—the recognition of Israel by the United Arab Emirates. It was the greatest step forward for the region in at least 30 years.

And it was pushed offstage by anti-Trump talking points about … wait for it … the Post Office.

In 30 years of radio and television, I cannot think of one caller concerned about the Post Office.

The voting public has every reason to be disappointed with an establishment media that is irresponsible, untrustworthy, and increasingly and rapidly partisan.

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Michael Medved: Let’s Debate Virtues, Not Vices

The New York Times seizes every opportunity to impute racist motives to Donald Trump, even when reacting to positive announcements that shouldn’t be controversial.

After his Independence Day Eve speech at Mt. Rushmore, one Times headline read: “President Orders National Garden of Heroes, With List Mostly of White Men.” Actually,  Trump went out of his way to feature females and people of color, who comprised 12 names on his 30-person list.

That’s 40 percent—from Colonial flag-maker Betsy Ross, to Dr. King, to the ill-fated teacher-astronaut Christa McAuliffe. No honest history of America would devote more than 40 percent of its space to female and black leaders; for our first 200 years, white males—for better or worse—utterly dominated every field of endeavor.

Arguments over the “Garden of Heroes” bring one welcome feature: focusing on the virtues of candidates for new memorials, rather than stressing vices of those whose statues we seek to destroy.

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Medved: Unmasking “Shy Trump Voters”

A little noted detail in a new national poll raises questions on its report of a solid, steady Biden lead.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll also asked respondents about social distancing and 85 percent claimed they regularly wear masks outside the home, but anybody noting real-world habits of neighbors and strangers knows mask-wearing isn’t really that universal.

Yes, many respondents must be fibbing—telling pollsters what they think they want to hear. Similarly, some voters no doubt feel reluctant to inform representatives of big media companies that they’re planning to vote for the president.

Last time, the phenomenon of “shy Trump voters” contributed to notorious polling errors. That pattern may or may not repeat itself, but it’s possible that many voters again prefer to mask—you should pardon the expression—an inclination to vote for Donald Trump.

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