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The US Economy Does Not Reward Financial Panic

The second quarter just ended—and the markets did very well.

As you know, the first quarter was a time of financial panic—the markets crashed hard. Many people in that moment of panic took money out of the markets.

Well, they missed one of the greatest recoveries in decades. The Dow Jones roared back, returning almost 18 percent, the best performance since 1987. The S&P returned almost 20 percent in one quarter, the best since 1998. And the tech-heavy NASDAQ beat a 30 percent return, the best since 1999. Smaller companies tended to do even better than the big ones in these large-company-heavy celebrity indices.

The bottom line: panic is not your friend. The other bottom line is that betting against the US economy is usually a bad move. I’m not telling you how to invest. I am telling you how not to invest. No-no number one is not to be controlled by your emotions.

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Jittery Markets, the Memo and a defender of Masculinity

Opioids Tariffs

Townhall Review — February 10, 2018

Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal, speaks with Dennis Prager about why the howling and protests came from Democrat, FBI, and Justice Department members following the release of “the memo.”  Mike Gallagher catches up with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow for an analysis on the economy, of which the Dow Jones Industrial tanked spectacularly earlier in the week.  Hugh Hewitt speaks with Congressman Mike Gallagher about a notorious figure who may have provided retired British Spy Christopher Steele with information contained in the “dossier.” Michael Medved sits in with Dr. Larry Diamond, a Sr. Fellow at Stanford University‘s Hoover Institution, to discuss the demise of democracy, if Putin could have his way. While on with Michael Medved, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, author of “Twelve Rules for your Life,” shares how his masculine ideas are “subversive to identity politics.” Ed Martin, the host of Salem’s 1380 the Answer in St. Louis, invites Hugh Hewitt on his show to discuss what when wrong with the FISA warrant scandal.  Larry Elder shares about President Trump’s “treasonous” comment following the State of the Union address.

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