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Michael Medved: A Vote Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


When legal wrangling concludes, control of the Virginia legislature will be decided by drawing lots, or pulling names from a bowl—because of a tie vote in the 94th District. Republican incumbent David Yancey and challenger Shelly Simonds both got 11,608 votes but if the Democrat wins the draw, the legislature’s lower house will split 50-50, ending an era of Republican dominance. Imagine: if a single Virginia Republican had gotten off his apathy to go to the polls, the conservative—who won the district last time by 15 percentage points—would still hold the seat and, with it, the legislature.


On Election Day, a little-known Libertarian candidate who barely campaigned drew 675 votes. If this fringie had gotten a hundred fewer votes it would have changed nothing; but if just one of his deluded followers had backed the Republican it would have changed everything.


Remember: your vote is too precious, too powerful to waste on laziness or feckless gestures.

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