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Ed Morrissey: The Missed Opportunity of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court put an end to the legal challenges to the 2020 election this week, closing out a painful chapter of modern American history. Their rush to consider all these cases moot might well be understandable given the fantastical nature of some of the challenges, but it was ill-advised in other cases dealing with separation of powers and election rules.

For too long, state officials and courts at all levels have interfered with statutes governing elections, overriding the constitutional role assigned to state legislatures to set and enforce the rules for each state. The Supreme Court punted on these issues before the election in Pennsylvania. And now they have done so yet again.

As Clarence Thomas warned in his dissent, this only guarantees these issues will come up again. The next time the impact might force the courts to decide the winner. That would be a disaster for the confidence of Americans in the electoral process.

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Ed Morrissey: Governor Cuomo’s Deadly COVID Secret Exposed

Few politicians have received the level of adulation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over the course of this pandemic. National media painted him as a hero, Hollywood gave him an Emmy for his press conferences, and his publisher released Cuomo’s self-congratulatory book hailing his own leadership. All of this idolization deliberately distracted from a deadly secret: Cuomo’s policy forcing nursing homes to admit COVID-19 positive patients resulted in thousands of deaths, and Cuomo’s administration hid it for months to avoid potential prosecution.

Now that this secret has been exposed, the New York legislature has no choice but to demand accountability from Governor Cuomo. Thousands of elderly New Yorkers died as a result Cuomo’s policies—his own top aide has admitted as much. Legacy media outlets should also be held accountable. They lionized Cuomo even while questions about this policy and its deadly effects were being asked.

The nation should demand more from our public servants than entertainment awards and deception.

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Ed Morrissey: Presidents Worth Celebrating

As Americans celebrate Presidents’ Day this weekend, we recall the best of our leaders who used their gifts and overcame their flaws to secure liberty and freedom for our nation. None were perfect; yet each of those we honor contributed something vital to our nation and made us who we are today.

Unfortunately, too many want to erase these towering figures of American history from public life. School boards and municipalities have stripped facilities of names such as Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Monroe, and Roosevelt for offending contemporary sensibilities. This historical nihilism fails to recognize that these leaders deserve recognition not because they were perfect, but because they transcended their limitations and those of their times to advance the cause of liberty.

Rather than scorn these presidents in arrogant presumption of our own moral perfection, we should allow their courage and wisdom to inspire us to continue their mission in the cause of freedom.

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An Impeachment, an Election and Secretary Pompeo on Our Dangerous World

Townhall Review – November 16, 2019

Sebastian Gorka and Ari Fleischer, former Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, talk about the beginning day of the House impeachment hearing.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton about the U.S. Supreme Court’s pending decision on the future of DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about Chinese relations and Hong Kong.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Candace Owens about her conversion from liberal to conservative.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley about her book, “With All Due Respect – Defending America with Grit and Grace.”

Mike Gallagher and Ed Morrissey, of HotAir.com, talk about the Northwestern University newspaper’s coverage of a speaking appearance by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the firestorm that followed.

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Accusations Against Kavanaugh and Prospects for Confirmation

Townhall Review – September 22, 2018

As the Democrats launch a last-minute effort to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation, Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Grassley about the possible testimony of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Ford. Mike Gallagher and Ed Morrissey examine the latest details. Hugh Hewitt solicits the opinion of Congresswoman Martha McSally of Arizona on the hearing and talks about the congresswoman’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. Michael Medved looks at Seattle’s rampant homelessness and the direction Seattle’s government is heading to address the problem. Mike Gallagher looks at job growth among the “underclass” with Alfredo Ortiz, President of the Job Creators Network. Hugh Hewitt talks with Bob Woodward about his new book, Fear on the Trump Administration. Michael Medved talks with journalist James Robbins about his new book, Erasing America: Losing our Future by Destroying our Past. Larry Elder reacts to a leaked video of a Google “all-hands” meeting shortly after President Trump’s election victory.

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HotAir’s Ed Morrisey Discusses Fmr. FBI Dir. James Comey’s Credibility Problem


Senior editor at HotAir.com Ed Morrissey joined the Mike Gallagher Show on Wednesday to discuss former FBI Director James Comey’s credibility problem. Join Mike Gallagher’s premium content website at MikeOnlineGold.com.

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