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Dan Proft: Democrats Can’t Live With or Without Bernie

Perhaps the most pronounced problem Democrats have in 2020 is, to paraphrase U2, they can neither live with or without Bernie Sanders.

They can’t nominate him and win—but they need his supporters—and Bernie backers have a healthy sense distrust of the Democrat establishment that rigged the 2016 primary against their guy.

A recent Emerson College survey finds a remarkable spread between Bernie supporters and those of the other Democrat POTUS frontrunners as to the question of, “Will you support whoever the Democrat nominee turns out to be?”

90 percent of Warren voters and 87 percent of Biden voters say, “Yes.”

By contrast, only 54 percent of Bernie voters answer in the affirmative.

That is a significant disparity.

The Democrat Party establishment wants to secure the Bernie bros support but discard Bernie. But: Without the support of the base, they cannot win.

They have a problem.

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Hugh Hewitt: What Bolton Brings to the West Wing

The Beltway establishment has reacted with horror to President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as national security adviser. Ambassador Bolton, they claim, is a dangerous warmonger unfit for the office.

That’s wrong. As the president’s top security aide, Bolton will be an honest broker and someone who can drive decisions through molasses-thick resistance. These qualities, plus his top-shelf intellect, make Bolton the best national security player to join Trump’s West Wing team so far.

The bottom line is that Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare just walked into the West Wing. Bolton can outlast and outthink anyone Putin, Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping sends to negotiate quiet deals before the big public ones with the president.

There are rough waters ahead across the globe and the president is to be commended for surrounding himself with strong, competent and very smart foreign policy professionals.

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Hugh Hewitt: The Iranian People Take to the Streets

U.S. Senate

The Iranian people have taken to the streets in the largest mass protests since 2009, demanding freedom and economic change. There simply is no bigger story in the world right now-and the media establishments ought to covering it more extensively.

There are several options available to the United States as we consider how to respond.

We can assist the Saudis and the Arab states in providing satellite WiFi services to the protestors who are currently blocked from using social media by the Iranian government.

If the Iranian government attempts to brutally repress the protests in the style of the infamous Tiananmen Square crackdown in China, the United States can consider instituting a blockade. Individual and trade sanctions are also a possibility.

There are even reports that the United States has given the okay to Israel to assassinate General Soleimani who is commander of the Iranian Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Whatever action is taken, we must praise the decision of President Trump to support publically the Iranian people in their effort to live in a country that is stable and offers them and their children a decent standard of life.

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