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Democrats Take Show on the Road in Senate Impeachment Trial

Townhall Review – January 25, 2020

Hugh Hewitt and Senator Mike Braun, Indiana, talk about how the impeachment effort is all about the upcoming election.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise about the President’s impeachment defense team.

Chris Stigall and National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy talk about the history of impeachment.

Hugh Hewitt and retired Admiral James Stavridis about the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and that country’s effort to contain it.

Dennis Prager, cigar aficionado, lauds the Louisiana State football team for celebrating by smoking cigars in the locker room after their victory over Clemson.

Mike Gallagher talks with John Lott, author of “The War on Guns,” about the State of Virginia’s efforts at gun control and the recent pro-gun rally in Richmond.

Dennis Prager talks with Arizona Senator Martha McSally about her encounter with a CNN “liberal hack.”

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Kaepernick in Search of a Team, Promises No More Protest

Kaepernick protest costs him his job

Ah, but the damage is already done (NY Daily News).  And teams apparently don’t want the distraction of a player who expresses his hatred for the country that gave him so much (MSN). The NFL watched their ratings plunge as others followed Kaepernick’s example. He’s poison, at this point. Coach Chip Kelly, fired after the season, let Kaepernick lead the team even after his constant anti-America display. The 49ers finished last.

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