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Lanhee Chen: “Dysfunctional” Doesn’t Adequately Describe the Golden State

Want to know how dysfunctional things have gotten in California?

Senator Dianne Feinstein applied for unemployment insurance.

Well, not exactly. It was a fraudster—a former employee at California’s Employment Development Department, which administers the state’s unemployment insurance program posing as Feinstein—who bilked taxpayers for over $200,000 in benefits that were targeted at gig workers, independent contractors, and others who’ve been out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And this isn’t an isolated incident. Additional examples of fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in California are plentiful. And, unfortunately, it’s those who most need the aid during the recent economic slowdown who have been hurt the worst because Governor Gavin Newsom and his cronies have been asleep at the switch.

Sometime, California voters will say, “enough is enough” with the incompetence, arrogance, and hypocrisy that has marked one-party rule in the state.

Let’s hope that “sometime” is soon.

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Lanhee Chen: A Hypocrisy Pandemic

California Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly called on Californians to come together and make sacrifices to fight COVID-19.

The request would have been better received if, at the same time, Governor Newsom wasn’t off violating his own public health guidance by dining with a group of lobbyists at one of America’s most posh restaurants. Or, sending his kids to a Sacramento private school, in person, while many California schools remain closed for in-person learning and millions of students slog their way through online classes.

The problem with Newsom’s hypocritical actions is that they undercut the very health care professionals and scientists whose advice he is asking Californians to follow. It makes those of us who live in California wonder who we can trust, and what guidance we should be listening to. At a time when we need leadership and clarity, Newsom has given us hypocrisy and confusion.

California’s voters won’t soon forget his shortcomings.

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Twitter and Facebook Shut Down News that Threatens Biden Campaign

Townhall Review – October 24, 2020

Sebastian Gorka and Charlie Kirk talk about their Twitter accounts being locked because they dared to post information about Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family.

Kevin McCullough and former New York City Rudy Giuliani talk about the damaging information that is alleged to be on the Hunter Biden computer.

Dennis Prager looks at how big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube, are trying to block the story that the New York Post published about the emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator John Cornyn about the upcoming confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Larry Elder takes on the absurd effort by the left to paint Donald Trump as a racist that has no grounding in fact or evidence.

Chris Stigall talks with Lou Holtz, one of college football’s greatest coaches of all time, about his reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Mike Gallagher examines Democratic governors, particularly California Governor Gavin Newsom, and the abuse of power in holding citizens to smothering lockdowns and restrictions.

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9/11 Remembered, Taliban Dis-Invited and Europe Struggles to Label Hezbollah Terrorists

Townhall Review – September 14, 2019

Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter remembers 9-11 and comments on how the media seems to want to forget.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Tom Cotton about President Trump’s decision to cancel his meeting with the Taliban.

Sebastian Gorka and Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, talk about Drew Brees, NFL quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, who publicly supported “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and the flak he has received.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, about the “Trump Doctrine.”

Kurt Schlichter talks with American Greatness editor Liz Sheld about the GOP’s narrow victory in a special election in North Carolina.

Phil Cowan, Salem host in Sacramento, CA., talks with Greg Burt, Legislative Director of California Family Council, about the California State Assembly proving itself more radical than hard-left Governor Gavin Newsom.

Mike Gallagher and Michelle Malkin, author of Open Borders, Inc., talks about how illegal alien “sanctuary anarchy” is defiantly spreading across the country.

Dennis Prager looks at a recent CNN town hall for Democrat presidential candidates on the climate debate.

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David Davenport: Localism Still Alive, Even in California

In a move with national implications, the California legislature halted a bill to force local governments to increase housing density. Think multiple homes on single lots and apartment buildings near transit centers.

It was a battle between Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrats on one side addressing a housing crisis, and California residents who had bought into their California dream communities on the other. Above all, it was a question of local control.

Liberals said there was no time to debate or compromise, this was a crisis. Everything in government is now wars and emergencies: Wars on poverty, crime, drugs, terror and 31 states of national emergency. We need action now.

Finally, a few Democrats who represented suburban districts said let’s take more time with this, seek something less extreme, find a compromise.

Good for them. Localism is still alive, even in California.

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Whistleblower Exposes Google’s Bias Against Conservatives

Townhall Review – June 29, 2019

Hugh Hewitt turns to Eliana Johnson of Politico to talk about Iran and the President’s last-minute decision not to take military action.

Dennis Prager and James O’Keefe of Project Veritas talk about a Google whistleblower who revealed a Google document that labels Prager and other conservatives as “Nazis.”

Seth Leibsohn talks with writer Kevin Williamson concerning his National Review article about former Vice-President Joe Biden titled “Joe and the Segs.”

Larry Elder explains why he doesn’t believe presidential hopeful and former Vice-President Joe Biden has a chance the nomination.

Hugh Hewitt asks Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, if California Governor Gavin Newsom’s health care proposal for illegal immigrants is a step towards an eventual presidential candidacy.

Mike Gallagher talks about U. S. House Democrats and their attempt to push a “Reparations Bill” through Congress.

Dennis Prager explains why marriage is good for individuals.

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