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Medved: Should Senator Harris Receive Reparations?

The selection of Senator Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate has produced irrelevant arguments about whether she qualifies as African-American, since both her parents were born abroad.

But her history-making Vice Presidential candidacy does raise an uncomfortable question for advocates of identity politics. On what basis could Senator Harris possibly qualify for the slavery reparations she says she supports? Her parents immigrated from Jamaica and India; now none of her ancestors were ever enslaved in the United States. In fact, the Harris example exposes the lack of logic behind all reparations proposals.

Prominent Black politicians, including Harris, Corey Booker and Barack Obama, were all born to highly educated, hard-working, successful parents, and the idea of government pay-outs to products of privilege of any race is, obviously, ludicrous and unjust.

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Jerry Bowyer: BJP’s Big Win in India

The Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi just won a massive re-election in India. For American conservatives, there’s a lot to like about Modi. India under his leadership has been a partner to the United States, both politically and economically.

But for Christians and all those concerned about religious liberty, Modi’s victory is nothing to celebrate. Modi is the head of the BJP—a Hindu nationalist party, which believes that Indian national identity is intrinsically tied to Hinduism.

According to the non-profit OpenDoorsUSA, India is now of the worst countries in the world for Christians. Modi’s government turns a blind eye to violence against Christians while it shuts down ministries.

Trump has a close relationship with Modi, and Modi wants to make it closer. The U.S. has the leverage in the relationship, so Trump should use it, and save the lives of Christians.

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