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Jerry Bowyer: NASDAQ Has Gone Woke

The NASDAQ has gone woke. The stock exchange where investors can trade shares of mostly tech companies has put forward a set of rules that—if approved—will put arbitrary identity politics quotas on all the companies traded on their platform.

Those quotas could include having two board members who “self-identify” as women or as LGBT … or as part of an “underrepresented minority.”

The truth is no minority is more underrepresented in big tech than conservatives. Woke capital is obsessed with sexual and racial minorities. But not viewpoints minorities such as conservatives. Actual diversity does not matter to them. Identity politics comes first, always.

In addition to being a stock exchange, NASDAQ is also a publicly-traded company itself. That means that it, too, is beholden to its shareholders. Maybe it’s time for those shareholders to get involved and demand an explanation for a decision which will likely drive customers to the competition.

I’m Jerry Bowyer.

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Jerry Bowyer: Anti-Conservative Bias in Big-Tech

Social media censorship has reached a new low, with Twitter’s suppression of a New York Post story that looks bad for Biden. Last week, the Post published a report containing emails from Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, that suggest corruption on both their parts.

Almost as soon as the article was published, Twitter and Facebook got to work trying to scrub it from existence. Both tech giants prevented users from posting the article—and even banned some who did.

It’s another example in a long line of anti-conservative bias in big-tech.

Their underlying motivation for suppressing this story is simple: they want Biden to win and Trump to lose, so any story bad for Biden must be thrown into the memory-hole.

We can debate whether there’s a necessity for government action—but we should absolutely see action from shareholders—investors who have the power to demand an explanation for big tech’s appalling censorship of inconvenient journalism.

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