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Hugh Hewitt: The Iranian People Take to the Streets

U.S. Senate

The Iranian people have taken to the streets in the largest mass protests since 2009, demanding freedom and economic change. There simply is no bigger story in the world right now-and the media establishments ought to covering it more extensively.

There are several options available to the United States as we consider how to respond.

We can assist the Saudis and the Arab states in providing satellite WiFi services to the protestors who are currently blocked from using social media by the Iranian government.

If the Iranian government attempts to brutally repress the protests in the style of the infamous Tiananmen Square crackdown in China, the United States can consider instituting a blockade. Individual and trade sanctions are also a possibility.

There are even reports that the United States has given the okay to Israel to assassinate General Soleimani who is commander of the Iranian Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Whatever action is taken, we must praise the decision of President Trump to support publically the Iranian people in their effort to live in a country that is stable and offers them and their children a decent standard of life.

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THR 7/22/17: Unpeeling the ‘Unified’ GOP Repeal and Replace Failure

White House, Obamacare, shooting, Paris Climate Agreement

Hugh Hewitt shares a part of his column in The Washington Post on the GOP Healthcare failure. We also hear from Senator Majority Leader McConnell as he refocuses efforts to move forward in the aftermath. Mike Gallagher interviews Senator Lindsay Graham on interesting alternatives to Obamacare. Senator Tom Cotton offers his insight into the importance of the upcoming 2018 election and also what threats may emerge as a result of the Iran Deal. Larry Elder spoke with Professor John Eastman, former Dean of the Chapman University School of Law, on the media hype over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 Presidential Election. Mike Gallagher interviews Lanny Davis about the Trump White House and their crisis management. Michael Medved talks with Nick Eberstadt about his latest book, Men Without Work – America’s Invisible Crisis. Hugh Hewitt turned to Dennis Prager to sort out Prager’s controversial tweet that has media on both sides angry with him.


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