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Jerry Bowyer: Toward a Principled Conservatism

There seems to be a verbal civil war of sorts brewing over control of the Republican Party, and like any civil war, it pits brother against brother. The Powerbrokers of the GOP establishment face off against the Populists: power vs. populism.

Let me suggest we follow another “P”—principles.

We should unite around the fundamental principles of constitutionalism and ordered liberty, not around any particular personality, nor around the donor class or the party apparatus. We should instead unite around the founding ideas of America. We should support candidates who support the constitution and are conservative—whatever their previous or current relationship with or assessment of President Trump.

Let’s have no loyalty tests other than the constitutional one. We conservatives rightly condemned purges and purity spirals from the left, so let’s not imitate the worst in our opponents.

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Jerry Bowyer: This Is Not Principled Conservatism

As we approach a new administration, it is important to uphold an element of American exceptionalism—a peaceful transition of power.

There’s been nothing wrong with investigating and challenging illegal voting practices.

But what is absolutely wrong is any call for violent resistance—in this case, to Joe Biden and his election. We’re seeing calls in social media for violent responses, either in the form of rebellion or in the form of martial law.

Not only is this rhetoric dangerous, it runs against principled conservatism. The Founders only declared independence after a long period of abuses by the King, and then used force in self-defense. The Bible admonishes Christians to “submit to the governing authorities.”

The inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to help the conservative movement. It does not stop Biden. It does not ensure a second Trump administration.

It hurts our cause. It should stop.

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Jerry Bowyer: As We Start the New Year

Welcome to the new year: 2021.

But let’s take a moment to look at that number and remember what it means. 2,021 what? 2,021 years from the traditional date of the birth of Christ.

In the ancient world, when an old king died and a new king took over, the calendar started again. Ancient dating frequently started with “The first year of King so and so…”

But what do you do when you get a king who will never die?

The answer is the year of our Lord 2021.

During the French Revolution, they tried to start over with year Zero. But look at the French Calendar now…it’s 2021. No matter how much secular culture tries to deride the historical significance of Christ, they are reminded—on every dateline—how important He was and still is.

May the Year of Our Lord, 2021 be a blessed one for you and yours.

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Jerry Bowyer: Raphael Warnock Does Not Belong in the U.S. Senate

Video footage has emerged in recent days showing Georgia’s Democratic candidate for Senate, Rev. Raphael Warnock, preaching from the pulpit that Jesus was “a poor Palestinian” and a “peasant.”

It’s just not true. The archeological evidence shows that Nazareth and environs were reasonably prosperous. In addition, as a carpenter—a skilled artisan—his earning capacity was far above peasant level, especially since he grew up during a building boom when artisans were in very high demand.

“Palestine” was a name given by the Romans to humiliate the people of Israel after a nearly genocidal imperial crackdown against an independence movement. So, to call Jesus a Palestinian is to adopt the language of anti-Semitic Roman imperial propaganda.

Warnock should know better. Anyone who thinks that Jesus is a socialist is adding religious zeal to false doctrine and doesn’t belong in the U.S. Senate.

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Jerry Bowyer: NASDAQ Has Gone Woke

The NASDAQ has gone woke. The stock exchange where investors can trade shares of mostly tech companies has put forward a set of rules that—if approved—will put arbitrary identity politics quotas on all the companies traded on their platform.

Those quotas could include having two board members who “self-identify” as women or as LGBT … or as part of an “underrepresented minority.”

The truth is no minority is more underrepresented in big tech than conservatives. Woke capital is obsessed with sexual and racial minorities. But not viewpoints minorities such as conservatives. Actual diversity does not matter to them. Identity politics comes first, always.

In addition to being a stock exchange, NASDAQ is also a publicly-traded company itself. That means that it, too, is beholden to its shareholders. Maybe it’s time for those shareholders to get involved and demand an explanation for a decision which will likely drive customers to the competition.

I’m Jerry Bowyer.

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Jerry Bowyer: Will Biden Jeopardize Hard-Won Progress in Middle East?

According to a new report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The significance of this is hard to overstate: it may very well lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and the Saudis—the next phase of the Abraham Accords.

The meeting was brokered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, one of the leaders of the Middle East peace process—and was only possible due to the Administration’s openness to Israel and firm stance towards Iran.

After the undeniable success of the Trump-Pence-Pompeo Middle East strategy, Biden has picked Jake Sullivan as his National Security Advisor—a leader in appeasing Iran in the Obama administration. It’s a clear signal that Biden intends to return to the failed foreign policy of the Obama years.

The Middle East is an absolutely vital region. It would be dangerous for the Biden administration to turn back.

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Jerry Bowyer: Epidemiology Is Not the Only Science

Members of the legacy media and the political class keep repeating the mantra “follow the science” by which they mean extended shutdowns and canceled family holidays.

The problem is that epidemiology is not the only science. Economics is a science too, and it deserves its place at the table. While some sectors are recovering quite quickly, many people at the bottom of the income ladder are being devastated financially by this great suppression.

Virology is important, but so is psychology. Loneliness, addiction, suicide, already distressingly high are getting a big boost by lock-down mania. Mental health is part of public health too—and also deserves to be counted.

Follow the science should mean balancing the sciences—including the social sciences.

Reasonable precautions are one thing, broad bans against family gatherings aren’t planning, they’re pandemonium. Family is part of our social immune system.

We dare not sacrifice it in the name of merely physical health.

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