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Albert Mohler: The Logic of the Culture of Death

The New York Times ran an article recently that should have our attention:

The headline: “Belgium Acquits Three Doctors in Assisted Suicide Case.” The article tells the story of the first three medical professionals charged under Belgium’s euthanasia law.

The manslaughter charge came because they had brought about the death of a woman who had not really been qualified as a candidate for euthanasia because—at least one member of her family argued—she was not incurably ill.

Why were the doctors acquitted? Not because of the facts of the case, but rather because they argued, that if the doctors were found guilty and imprisoned, it would have a chilling effect upon other physicians who were conducting euthanasia or assisted suicide.

The argument evidently won in court, with the court deciding that there would be a chilling effect upon physicians killing people if these three doctors were found criminally guilty of having killed a person wrongly.

And there, once again, we have a taste of the logic of the culture of death.

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Michael Medved: Over-Heated Gun Rhetoric Works Against Reform

If pro-life conservatives ever claimed that supporters of Planned Parenthood had “blood on their hands”, the mainstream media would howl in protest.

Why, then, do anti-gun activists who make precisely such claims about supporters of the NRA draw widespread acclaim for their courage and idealism?

The connection between abortion and killing is obvious—even if you deny that the procedure is equivalent to murder. But there’s no connection between backing gun-rights and endorsing killing. Disagreement over specific policy proposals doesn’t mean that those on the other side want to consign our children to early death or to obliterate our Constitutional rights.

Republican leaders in Washington have already moved ahead with common sense enhancements in our gun regulations but hysterical, polarizing rhetoric only makes constructive reform less likely.


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