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Assad Threatens Again; Obama Reenters the Stage

Townhall Review – September 15, 2018

Hugh Hewitt and Congressman Mike Gallagher take a look at the crisis in Syria, with Assad threatening to use chemical weapons. Michael Medved questions the importance of the anonymous New York Times op-ed that Democrats are salivating over. Mark Davis comments on former President Obama breaking past-president protocol, publicly criticizing the current President and the Republican Party. Google’s CEO snubs the U.S. Senate, ignoring a request to talk about media censorship. Dennis Prager and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy discuss the media bias against Prager University. Michael Medved’s guest, John Bozzella, President and CEO of Global Automakers, says recent tariffs imposed by President Trump are causing auto prices to soar. Hugh Hewitt talks with Ken Starr, who’s Special Counsel work lead to President Clinton’s impeachment, about the likelihood of Trump’s impeachment. Dennis Prager and his producer Allen Estrin discuss President Trump’s phone call with Jewish leaders in media and politics.

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Trump Talks Tough at United Nations

Opioids Tariffs

Townhall Review – September 21, 2017

President Trump gives a speech of a lifetime at the UN General Council. Mike Gallagher invites North Korea expert Gordon Chang on his show to weigh in on Trump’s comments about the dangerous North Korean regime. Dennis Prager also looks at a few of the great moments of President Trump’s speech. Mark Davis invites Michael Anton, senior national security official in the Trump administration, to discuss how diplomatic and economic pressures are being applied to North Korea. Ben Shapiro shares with Michael Medved his disturbing experience while speaking at UC Berkeley. Mark Davis speaks with James Hohmann, a national political correspondent for the Washington Post, about Hillary Clinton’s new book. Jake Tapper, Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN, shares with Michael Medved about what cultural bias that hurts people on the Left. Dennis Prager laments about the breakdown of order which leads to a humanity that can’t figure out what gender actually is.

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Mark Davis: Priority One for the American Armed Services

Armed Services,

President Trump’s recent announcement to disallow service by transgendered individuals is an opportunity to remind ourselves what military service is—and what it is not.

The Armed Services should not be a lab for social experiments, a testing ground for inclusion or a battleground in the sexual revolution.

The American military should choose whom to admit and accommodate based on one factor alone: assembling the best possible fighting force for fighting and winning wars. Any policy that advances that goal is good; any policy that deters it is bad.

Debates in the culture at large should be fought outside the armed services.  Our military’s job is to defend the nation.  That job is harder if we complicate it with political correctness, putting sensitivity over security.

President Trump’s decision was designed to unburden our fighting forces so they can focus on their primary mission.  Yes, that decision raised even more eyebrows because it came out of the blue via Twitter.  Get used to it.  That’s Trump.

On the merits, he’s completely correct.

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Mark Davis: After Comey


Reactions to President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey are falling along predictable lines. There’s a strain of conservative comments that this was overdue, even though his late October re-opening of the Hillary Clinton e-mail case may have contributed to Trump’s win in November.

That’s the recently expressed belief of Hillary herself, but now her political allies cry foul at Comey’s dismissal. Why: With the election over, the left had only one wish for Comey’s FBI—that he would one day emerge with evidence to prop up the currently empty suspicions about a Trump-Russia connection.

But Comey was damaged goods.

An FBI Director should avoid becoming the focus of every story about what the Bureau does and does not do. Comey’s inability to do that leads to the bottom line:

He had it coming.

What the nation needs now and what President Trump should provide quickly is a new director—someone with impeccable credentials—who can get on with the business of the Bureau.

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Mark Davis: Presidential Trump


It was something to behold.  We’ve seen many Donald Trump speeches, but never anything quite like his address to a Joint Session of Congress.

It had a State of the Union feel, but with more people paying attention.  There was suspense—would this be campaign-rally Trump filled with self-praise? Inaugural Trump with daunting assessments of the crises we face?  What we got was an uplifting, unifying Trump.

From his very first words—a rebuke against hate—through themes of American jobs, borders and restoration of our global stature, it was definitely Trump’s agenda, but presented in a welcoming way that left skeptics and even critics asking, “Where has this guy been?”

When he paid tribute to the widow of fallen SEAL Ryan Owens, he brought a nation together. We all knew the address to Congress would come from President Trump; what we know now is how effective “Presidential Trump” can be.

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