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GOP Turns Attention to Georgia with Control of the Senate at Stake

Townhall Review – November 21, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with Florida Senator Marco Rubio the Senate run-off races in the neighboring state of Georgia.

Hugh Hewitt and NBC News political analyst Jonathan Allen talk about media coverage of the Georgia Senate run-off race.

Larry Elder examines the mass exodus from Twitter and Facebook to other startups that don’t block and censor conservative views.

Hugh Hewitt talks with NBC News political correspondent Steve Kornacki about the details of the election.

Larry Elder talks with on-street reporter Andy Ngo about physical attacks on Trump supporters by groups such as Antifa.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with author Chris Arnade about the ground lost by Democrats in the House and state legislatures.

Mike Gallagher looks at media reporting and how they are all saying nearly the exact same things.

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Hugh Hewitt: Elite Media Ignores UAE Peace Treaty

The normalization of economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia marked yet another significant foreign policy success for the Trump administration. In the aftermath—when Trump presided over a very important set of handshakes commemorating the deal—the elite media all but ignored the story.

To have Kosovo and Serbia put aside generations of enmity and normalize economic relations is a big deal of and in itself. But both countries also agreed to take steps to support the momentum for peace in the Middle East generated by the peace treaty between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. More dominoes were falling toward peace. Another may follow soon.

So when Ambassador Richard Grenell, the special envoy for Serbia and Kosovo peace negotiations, teed off on a seemingly disinterested media, his frustration was understandable.

The electorate is weary of the non-stop anti-Trump alarmism.

The American voter needs to pay attention to Trump’s real successes, not the media’s distraction.

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Hugh Hewitt: Our Irresponsible Media

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, I am increasingly convinced that a large portion of the electorate will be casting a vote for him this fall in no small part as a rebuke to the media’s descent into a sort of collective hatred of the president.

Today’s journalistic elite is so quick to slice and dice any accomplishment of the administration—with no concern over the cost.

The latest iteration of this was the historic peace deal in the Middle East—the recognition of Israel by the United Arab Emirates. It was the greatest step forward for the region in at least 30 years.

And it was pushed offstage by anti-Trump talking points about … wait for it … the Post Office.

In 30 years of radio and television, I cannot think of one caller concerned about the Post Office.

The voting public has every reason to be disappointed with an establishment media that is irresponsible, untrustworthy, and increasingly and rapidly partisan.

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Hugh Hewitt: The Collapse of Trust in Television News

We are watching today a collapse of trust in television news, especially cable news.

Certainly, a percent or two of the 330 million Americans “trust” a handful of broadcasters with whom they agree. Rush Limbaugh probably has the highest raw number of devoted listeners who really trust him—but he has no one even remotely his equal on television.

The vast majority of Americans believe, with good reason, that all those TV talking heads on television are somewhere on the political spectrum and that all the journalists, producers and executives standing behind them bend the news to fit their politics.

Journalists of all shapes, sizes, platforms and personalities are presumed to be advancing an agenda because almost everyone on television is actually doing just that.

We need a new birth of news—new faces and production teams, new mission statements and, yes, new executives.

The Rome of television is in ruins, but it can be rebuilt.

For the good of the nation, it must be rebuilt.

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Jerry Bowyer: A Second Look at Systemic Racism

This is Jerry Bowyer of Townhall Finance for Townhall.com.

Amidst all the protest and violent unrest, radical activists are flinging the accusation of ‘systemic racism’ against America.

Well, we do have an educational monopoly system which keeps poor children trapped in failing schools.

Our government built a welfare system which conditions support on mothers not marrying the fathers of their children.

Our media and broadcast systems glorify sex outside of marriage and target poor black communities with ‘reproductive health care’ that monetizes a lethal false solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

Our tax system imposes very high rates in major metropolitan areas which drive the middle class out of cities but traps those too poor to move.

So it does seem like there are real problems in our system—the results of decades of bad policy clearly fall more heavily on one race.

Maybe there is something to this systemic racism idea after all—just not what we’ve been told.

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