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School Shooting Stuns America, Betsy DeVos Responds

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Following the Florida school shooting,  U.S Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, sits in with Hugh Hewitt to discuss what can and should not be done about it. Mike Gallagher invites Byron York, columnist for the Washington Examiner, to share about the ongoing controversy surrounding the Justice Department and Michael Flynn. Bill Kristol, the founder of The Weekly Standard, highlights the cascading crises happening in the Middle East, some involving the U.S, and many involving Israel. Larry Elder showcases the propaganda surrounding North Korea involvment in the Olympics. Dennis Prager defends talk radio hosts from the likes of liberal talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, who believes that almost every talk show hosts are liberal because it requires intelligence. Hugh Hewitt invites media and marketing experts Phil Cooke and Jonathan Bock to discuss their book, The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back. Michael Medved discusses how figure skater Adam Rippon rips into VP Pence just before the Winter Olympic ceremonies began.

The Way Back

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John Eastman: Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice; Loretta Lynch Did

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Law professor John Eastman joined the Larry Elder Show to discuss the hearings involving Russia, former FBI Director James Comey, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. He argues that Trump did not obstruct justice when he expressed his view to Comey that he hoped the investigation into Michael Flynn would not have to continue, but that Lynch obstructed justice when she demanded that Comey refer to the Hillary Clinton investigation as a “matter.”

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Greg Thornbury: Comey’s Obligation

Has there ever been a public official who has gone from good guy to bad guy in both the eyes of the Left and the Right—faster and more often—than former FBI Director James Comey? I think not.

Why? It all depends on what he’s saying at the moment.

When news broke that Comey had written a memo and other communications in the aftermath of President Trump’s purported request for him to call off the investigation into Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s contact with Russian officials, the media went into hysterics.

Congressman Chaffetz from Utah, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has written Acting FBI Director McCabe for the documents.

But here’s my question. If such a memo existed, why didn’t Mr. Comey inform Congress on the two recent occasions he testified before them?

Congress, it’s time to make public all documents that are not classified to clear up this whole jumbled affair. You owe it to the American people.

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