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Hugh Hewitt: GOP Leaders: Looking Forward

When President Biden completes his oath of office on Wednesday, Senator Mitch McConnell goes from being the most effective Senate Majority Leader the Republicans have had in my lifetime to being the equal of the most influential Senate Minority Leader in history—given the 50/50 split in the Senate.

The GOP’s de facto leader is now McConnell. He’s certainly its most powerful figure and his vast abilities are going to be necessary as a check on the Biden Administration. To guard against a return to the appeasement that defined the Obama years, he’ll be assisted by soon-to-be former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and key leaders in the Senate like Tom Cotton of Arkansas. On the domestic front, McConnell will counsel will successful governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida and Doug Ducey of Arizona. His colleague in the House, Kevin McCarthy will remain his key partner.

But it is to McConnell that Republicans should look now—and Republicans are blessed to have him.

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Trump Impeached a Second Time

Townhall Review for January 16, 2021

Hugh Hewitt and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse talk about the latest effort by Democrats to impeach the President.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw about the second effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

Bob Frantz and Peter Kirsanow, member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, talk about the actions by social media to eliminate Parler.

Mike Gallagher talks about the how and why big tech moved so quickly against Parler.

Hugh Hewitt and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talk about the dangers the Chinese Communist Party pose for the new President.

Dennis Prager talks with restaurant owner Angela Marsden about the banning of outdoor dining at her restaurant while Hollywood filming crews were allowed to dine outdoors in the same parking lot.

Mike Gallagher examines how President-elect Biden missed a prime opportunity to help bring some sanity to the volatile situation in the nation’s capitol.

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Hugh Hewitt: Swalwell Should Resign

We now know that the California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is being investigated for his intimate relations with a Chinese spy.

The initial report came from Axios last week—but we’re sure to learn more as details emerge.

To speak in blunt terms: Rep. Swalwell got caught with his hand in a honeypot. He should resign immediately. If he does not resign immediately, Speaker Pelosi should demand that he resign his position on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

One of the key accomplishments of the Trump administration was getting real about China—with the help of Secretary of State Pompeo and the National Security Advisor, the President awakened the nation to the very serious threat from the Chinese Communist Party.

We ought to do all we can to press back against the appeasers and more so against those who are compromised.

Swalwell, I should note, spent years downplaying the China threat and hyping a Russia collusion hoax.

We now know that the California democrat himself was compromised. We have indications that he was not the only one.

He should resign immediately.

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Jerry Bowyer: Will Biden Jeopardize Hard-Won Progress in Middle East?

According to a new report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The significance of this is hard to overstate: it may very well lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and the Saudis—the next phase of the Abraham Accords.

The meeting was brokered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, one of the leaders of the Middle East peace process—and was only possible due to the Administration’s openness to Israel and firm stance towards Iran.

After the undeniable success of the Trump-Pence-Pompeo Middle East strategy, Biden has picked Jake Sullivan as his National Security Advisor—a leader in appeasing Iran in the Obama administration. It’s a clear signal that Biden intends to return to the failed foreign policy of the Obama years.

The Middle East is an absolutely vital region. It would be dangerous for the Biden administration to turn back.

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Deterioration Of The Standards In Journalism: Hugh Hewitt with Secretary Mike Pompeo

Hugh Hewitt talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the deterioration of standards in journalism, the human rights violations in China, the United Arab Emirates Peace Agreement with Israel, “trust but verify” the vaccine efforts in China, U.S. role in the international criminal court, and Russian and Chinese interference in United States election.



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Hugh Hewitt: A Masterpiece of Messaging

I’ll admit it: I was a skeptic on the prospects for a virtual Republican convention.

I’ve attended conventions since 2000—and I’ve always thought the Democrats brought better production values to the quadrennial pageants than the GOP did.

I expected a creaky, clunky series of wooden speeches.

Was I ever wrong. The Republican National Convention was a masterpiece of messaging.

We saw a look at an impressive record of the president. We saw Secretary of State Mike Pompeo—speaking from Jerusalem. We saw the diversity of today’s GOP. We saw Vice President Pence making the stakes clear when he said: “It’s not so much whether America will be more conservative or more liberal, more Republican or more Democrat. The choice in this election is whether America remains America.”

And, of course, we saw the president.

Hats off to the President, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and all behind the virtual convention.

I trust and hope American voters were watching and listening.

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