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Hugh Hewitt: On to Georgia

Republicans should be on to Georgia.

Bill Belichick—coach of the New England Patriots—had a line from his most famous news conference ever. After a 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014, he answered question after question with, “We’re on to Cincinnati.”

After Joe Biden’s victory was declared by media organizations on Saturday, the mantra of Republicans for the next two months should be: “We’re on to Georgia”—because on January 5, Georgians will decide two United States Senate seats in runoff elections.

The course of the nation over the next two years is in the balance: If Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler win, Americans will have divided government and compromise. If left-wing, indeed radical Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock win, the nation will see Supreme Court packing, cuts in military spending and socialized medicine.

If Trump wants a comeback in 2024, it starts in the Peach State on January 5.

We’re on to Georgia.

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Hugh Hewitt: A Divided Nation; A Free People

For more than a quarter-century, Thomas Ricks covered the U.S. military, first for the Wall Street Journal, then for The Washington Post. He’s now directed his talents on to the Framers who shaped the Constitution of this country and what shaped them in turn.

In his book “First Principles,” Ricks provides us the reading list that we’d have to undertake to get close to the Framers’ worldview. He’s not squeamish about their collective blindness to the evils of slavery. He does dive deep into their education.

Ricks reminds us that the original patriots, worked with what they had, compromised when they were obliged to, accepted defeats and moved on. They celebrated victories but with an understanding that they were always transient.

This entire election cycle has certainly reminded us that we are today a divided nation. Yes, we’ve seen violence, but nothing near the levels of 1966-68.

But we are a free people, and we’ll remain that next year, in 10 years and 100 more after that, if we just trust the guide that nature and nature’s God gave us.

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Hugh Hewitt: The Case for a Second Trump Term

The 2020 election is now just days away.

Here’s my short case for backing the Trump-Pence ticket and voting for Republican senators and representatives in your state.

On the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has done as well as any president could have done—and certainly better than Joe Biden.

You’re safer and more secure because of the Trump military buildup.

The president has made the necessary pivot with China—and he’s brokered the first major breakthrough peace deal in the Middle East in 25 years.

On the economy, Trump and the GOP succeeded in bringing unemployment to all-time lows early this year. Now, even amidst the pandemic, the economy is bouncing back.

Your First and Second Amendment freedoms are much stronger as well, because Trump has bolstered the Supreme Court and federal courts with strong judges who honor the Constitution.

Whatever you think of Trump personally, there’s no question: His policies have been good for the country.

Join me in voting for a second Trump term.

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Election 2020 Looms With Challenges From China, Coronavirus and Civil Unrest

Townhall Review – August 8, 2020

Hugh Hewitt talks with China expert Jonathan Ward about his book, “China’s Vision of Victory,” and how China has become a global menace.

Hugh Hewitt and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton talk about former President Obama’s “eulogy” at Congressman John Lewis’s funeral, where he lectured about the need to push leftward.

Mike Gallagher examines the interview by Chris Wallace, Fox News, with Senator Tammy Duckworth and Congresswoman Karen Bass.

Sebastian Gorka talks with Salena Zito, columnist for the New York Post, about her findings gleaned from reporting on the “Trump Coalition.”

Hugh Hewitt talks with Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, about our military readiness.

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Hans Von Spakovsky, of the Heritage Foundation, about the problems with mail-in voting.

Dennis Prager and Sean Hannity talk about Sean’s book, “Live Free or Die – America and the World on the Brink.”

Larry Elder looks at mail-in voting, favored by Democrats and feared by conservatives.

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