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Owen Strachan: Police Protection is Not Privilege

A call is going out now for the “dismantling” of the Minneapolis police department. The President of the city council said this when asked about what to do in the case of a break-in:

“Yes, I mean I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors, and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege… calling the police may mean more harm is done.”

There’s no doubt that our cities and communities need restoration, including greater peaceful engagement between police and citizens. Yet the idea that wanting protection is “privilege” is not sound. In fact, it’s absurd and won’t restore anything.

Police who act unjustly are accountable to the rule of law, and must be. But there is no need to qualify what a society without police will look like: more harm will surely be done.

May coming days bring greater safety—and meaningful restoration.

I’m Owen Strachan.

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Michael Medved: Why Most Americans Love the Police

Angry protestors want to turn public sentiment against the police, but their ugly tactics remind all sane observers how much we need the cops. Rioting, looting, arson, Molotov cocktails, graffiti and vandalism demonstrate how vulnerable all citizens would be without the courage of police officers who put their lives on the line every day.

Sure, you can find examples of bad or poorly trained cops. but they’re far more rare in police ranks than are violent, criminal elements in the ranks of the demonstrators.

In a difficult moment, time when Americans can’t decide whether to emphasize economic recovery or continued precautions against COVID-19, the nationwide rioting harms both hopes.

Literally thousands of already struggling businesses have been badly damaged, while assembling “super-spreader,” densely packed crowds will only generate new spikes in the spread of the virus.

No wonder most Americans love and value our police officers – without whom decent lives, and livable cities, could not exist.

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Dan Proft: Trump Values vs. Chicago Values

“You don’t hear it enough. You do an incredible job. The people of this country know it. And the people of this country love you.”

That was President Trump’s message to police officers in his recent address to police chiefs from across America.

He used the backdrop of Chicago, the most violent big city in America and perhaps its most anti-Trump, to contrast his values with those of Leftist enclaves like Chicago.

Trump recognized a Chicago police officer recently injured in the line of duty declaring, “An attack on law enforcement is an attack on all Americans.”

He also took direct aim at Chicago’s sanctuary city dogmatism announcing, “I will never put the needs of illegal immigrant criminals before I put the needs of law-abiding citizens. It’s very simple to me.”

His message was very simple indeed. Trump stands with law enforcement and the law-abiding. His detractors do not.

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Heather Mac Donald on Race Relations 25 Years After Rodney King

The Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald joined the Dennis Prager Show to discuss the 25 anniversary of the Rodney King incident and how race relations and police policies stand today. Prager and Mac Donald discuss her latest column, “Venerating Havoc.” Join Dennis Prager’s premium content website at Pragertopia.com.

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