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Albert Mohler: President Biden Doubles Down on Executive Orders

In his first three days in office, President Biden handed down 19 executive orders. To date there have been more than 40.

President Trump, his predecessor, in his first three days, signed just one. That’s one as compared to 19 for Biden.

It’s a very clear way of saying, “there is a new team in town.” But there’s more.

Some of these were just raw political payoffs.

Some reflect the growing power of the executive and expansion of the federal government.

And some reflect the dramatic worldview and policy differences of the Trump and Biden administrations.

President Biden signed an executive order reversing the Mexico City Policy—the Reagan-era policy that had prevented foreign aid from funding organizations that provide abortion.

Elections matter.

Executive orders matter.

And sometimes—when we look at an issue like abortion—it really does comes down to an issue of life and death.

Think about it.

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Jim Daly: Twitter’s Effort to De-Platform Continues

Focus on the Family’s Daily Citizen was blocked from Twitter last week and accused of hate speech. We had tweeted out a story about Dr. Rachel Levine, President Biden’s nominee for Assistant Secretary at Health and Human Services. The doctor removed his mother from a nursing home before ordering COVID patients into similar facilities.

The tweet mentioned what the Biden administration had been touting, that Dr. Levine identifies as a transgender woman, a person who was born a man, but now believes they’re a woman. Stating biological reality isn’t hateful, it’s factual. But stating it got us banned. As Christians, we need to be a voice of both love and truth in the culture. Sadly, Twitter appears less interested in truth, and more interested in silencing those who share facts.

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Hewitt: Will a Biden Administration Guard Recent Gains in the Middle East?

Of all the accomplishments of the Trump administration, the one that seemed least likely to fall under President Biden and a Democrat-majority Congress were the Abraham Accords.

No longer.

With the announcement that the new administration will review a sale of a batch of fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates, one of the most important diplomatic achievements in the Middle East could be in question.

These breakthrough agreements could mean security for Israel and a broader stability that has eluded the Middle East since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. They also represent a fundamental alignment of our interests in the region.

Perhaps Team Biden has done a wise thing in simply clarifying that they will, indeed, review and approve these contracts. Now they must do a wiser thing by quickly completing the review and accelerating the sale and the production lines in Dallas-Fort Worth and celebrating publicly the Abraham Accords as the game-changer they are.

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Senate Begins Impeachment Trial of Citizen Donald Trump

Townhall Review for January 30, 2021

Hugh Hewitt talks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz about the second impeachment of former President , now citizen, Donald Trump.

Hugh Hewitt and Byron York, of the Washington Examiner, talk about the Senate’s role in the impeachment proceedings.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Brigadier General James Nixon as he explains what it means to be an Army Ranger.

Mike Gallagher looks at President Biden’s promise to put an end to the coronavirus pandemic, a promise he now seems to be backtracking on.

Hugh Hewitt and Pete Peterson, Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, talk about the ongoing effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Dennis Prager explains the problems with President Biden’s executive order killing the XL Pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Florida Senator Marco Rubio about the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and President Biden’s efforts to further strengthen that ruling.

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