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Albert Mohler: Syria Crosses The Red Line

Turkey, Coptic, Easter, Syrian Attack, California, Gorsuch is qualified, Alito Warns Us, Schumer's Deceit. Black Robe

The U.S. sent an unmistakable signal Thursday night—and it was sent late, and it was sent in the form of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from two U.S. Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean sea. They were fired at the very same Syrian air base from which it is now believed...

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Hugh Hewitt: After Healthcare

Blue Slip, tax reform, EPA

The pulling of the GOP health-care bill last week was a big loss. But, President Trump had very good reason to shake off the rebuff from the Freedom Caucus, and he was loyal to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, as was Ryan to Trump. That bodes well for the party...

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Trump: Pass AHCA Or I’m Moving On

From the story:  President Trump delivered an ultimatum to House Republicans on Thursday night: Vote to approve the measure to overhaul the nation’s health-care system on the House floor Friday, or reject it and the president will move on to his other legislative priorities (Washington Post). The senate is apparently...

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David Davenport: Trump’s Budget Asks: What Should Government Do?

Trump, international law, rugged individualism, economic freedom

President Donald Trump’s first budget proposes some big changes. A much higher commitment to national defense is at the top of the list and, in order to fund that, less foreign aid, government regulation, and federal subsidies for research and the arts. What Trump is doing is returning to the...

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FBI Director Wants DOJ to Refute Trump Wiretap Claims

James Comey Calls For Wiretap Investigation

Comey wants the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s wiretap claim (NY Times).  Hugh Hewitt explains why “it’s quite possible” for Trump to be correct (Hugh Hewitt).  A former Bush attorney believes Trump is right that it happened but wrong to blame Obama (The Hill)  It wouldn’t be a complete...

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Michael Medved: False Charges of Anti-Semitism

False charges of anti-Semitism harm any serious effort by President Trump to unify the country

The bitter divisions in American life currently stem from politics as much as from differences in race, religion or economic status. Even tightly connected subgroups endure internal conflicts over President Trump and his policies. Jewish Americans, for instance, represent less than 2 percent of the national population but that community...

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