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Lanhee Chen: A Clear Choice After Vice Presidential Debate

Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris allowed the American people to understand that there are some very stark contrasts in policy between what four more years of President Trump would look like, as compared to a Biden Administration.

The differences across issues as wide-ranging as climate change and energy policy, health care policy, and taxation were apparent. Vice President Pence’s ability to characterize Senator Harris and the Biden-Harris ticket more broadly as overly progressive was perhaps his biggest accomplishment in the debate.

Harris pointed out that Biden will repeal the Trump tax cuts. Pence noted that this will mean tax hikes for all voters—an effective attack that was left unanswered by Harris. From taxes to energy policy to the role of the judiciary, the differences were apparent.

Trump and Pence should focus their fire on these kinds of issues during the closing weeks of the campaign.

The choice this November is clear. It’s now up to us to cast our votes.

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Albert Mohler: Praying for President Trump

The Bible tells us to pray for “all those in authority,” and we ought to be praying with real urgency with the knowledge that President Donald Trump has contracted the coronavirus and was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to receive treatment and care. Anytime the nation’s Chief Executive needs medical treatment, it is big news. In this case it is especially big news because the virus’s path is not always clear and the nation is also facing a presidential election less than one month from now.

Thankfully, the President is receiving the best medical care in the nation, and he is reported to be responding well to treatment.

Our nation invests so much power and responsibility in our president. Americans, whatever their politics, must join in common concern and prayer for the President’s full recovery, and for the First Lady, Melania Trump, who has also tested positive for the virus. There is far more at stake here than politics. Pray!

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Lanhee Chen: A Study in Contrasts

Tuesday night’s presidential debate was a study in contrasts: The accomplishments of a president over the last 47 months, against a politician who’s been in politics for 47 years.

Two more presidential debates are scheduled in the coming weeks, and the task for President Trump is clear: He must continue to emphasize his accomplishments while sharing more with the American people about his plans for the next four years.

The president has plans to lower the cost of health care and make our health care system more accessible and transparent; plans to lower taxes for middle-income Americans, while continuing to cut red tape for job creators and entrepreneurs; and plans to hold China accountable for its misdeeds and address other geopolitical challenges around the world.

Looking ahead, President Trump should spend more time emphasizing these plans and talking about where he would lead the country in a second term. That’s a recipe for winning not only the debates and the undecided voter—but perhaps the election too.

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Albert Mohler: Amy Coney Barrett Belongs on the Supreme Court

President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the next justice of the United States Supreme Court is very good news for conservatives, and for the entire nation.

Judge Barrett is exactly what we need on the nation’s highest court—a judge committed to an originalist reading of the text of the United States Constitution. Judge Barrett is a constitutional scholar of the first rank, and President Trump was wise to appoint her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.

The news of her elevation to the Supreme Court will make history. Judge Barrett understands the sanctity of human life, the majesty of the law, and the rightful role of a judge.

She belongs on the Supreme Court.

It’s going to be a fight in the Senate. It’s up to Republicans in the upper chamber to get the job done—and get it done now.

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