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David Davenport: The Lost Art of Political Compromise


Among many lost arts in Washington the most problematic is the lost art of compromise.

The dictionary says compromise includes the root word “com” or together with the word promise:  We make promises by coming together.  America learned this early, with the Constitutional Convention full of compromises.

But now members of Congress vote not to find the best solution for the country but the best platform for their next election.   Democrats threatened to shut the entire government over dreamer immigrants, while Trump was willing to see a shutdown over his wall.  And so it goes, politicians standing firm on one issue or another which they believe will get them reelected, and the whole of the federal government is held hostage.

We need more politicians like Ronald Reagan, who told House Speaker Tip O’Neill, “I will take half a loaf today, but I will come back for the other half tomorrow.”

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Hugh Hewitt: A 350 – Ship Navy

U.S. Senate

On Sept. 7, 2016, Donald Trump made a specific promise “to build a Navy of 350 surface ships and submarines.” On March 2, now president Trump added to the specificity of that pledge by promising to increase the number of aircraft carriers to 12. The recently unveiled White House budget breaks both of these promises.

A 350-ship fleet is key for both national security and international stability. China is rapidly growing its navy to fill the gaps left by the Obama-era cutbacks. Reversing those cuts is crucial to preserving American supremacy at sea and supporting allies around the world.

The president is fresh back from his very successful trip abroad. Now he needs to nominate a Navy secretary and send Congress an addendum to his budget, one with a plan to keep his promises regarding the Navy, and the funding to make that plan a reality.

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