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Michael Medved: Trump Deserves Credit For The Strong Economy

McConnell, False charges of anti-Semitism harm any serious effort by President Trump to unify the country

Why do public opinion surveys show discontent with President Trump’s handling of the economy at a time of record highs in the stock market and record lows in unemployment? The new Gallup Poll gives Trump his highest ratings on the economy, but still shows a clear majority of voters disapproving...

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David Davenport: We’re Number 45

Cancer Congress

For nearly 50 years now, Freedom House has published its annual survey of the freest countries in the world. This year’s report contains some troubling news. First, with an increase in authoritarian regimes and populism, overall freedom in the world declined in the past year. Second, the United States, after...

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Michael Medved: Instinctive Reactions To Mass Shootings Destructive And Disappointing


Whenever we experience a hideous slaughter like the recent assault of a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the left indulges in annoying and irrational instinct: calling urgently and self-righteously for minor tweaks in gun laws that would have done nothing to actually avert the horror. Meanwhile, the right displays its own...

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Lanhee Chen: The Real-World Impact of Regulatory Reform

Tax Reform

On the campaign trail last year, Donald Trump vowed repeatedly to cut and limit federal regulations that threaten to kill jobs and restrict economic growth. So far, he’s made good on that promise. A study just out from the American Action Network found that in their first six months, the...

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