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Carol Platt Liebau: Putting Children First

Matt Meyer is the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers—a union leading the effort to keep children at home, insisting that reopening schools is just too “unsafe.”

So jaws dropped when video of him was seen taking his own daughter to in-person pre-school.

The episode highlights the hypocrisy and cynicism evident in too much COVID policy—especially in education. School districts with strong teachers’ unions are less likely to hold in-person classes.

Meanwhile, our children remain trapped at home, suffering from social isolation and learning loss. The achievement gap has increased. And there’s been a worsening youth mental health crisis. Parents have stood by helplessly, at the mercy of the unions, even as the CDC admits that schools can reopen safely.

In-person learning shouldn’t be reserved for children of the privileged. Our kids deserve policies that put their rightful needs over the self-serving demands of union elites.

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Carol Platt Liebau : A Plea for Fairness

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. With no new ideas to address poverty in the wake of the pandemic, left wing politicians are once again calling for tax increases, claiming it’s a matter of “fairness.”

Where were these “pro-fairness” legislators last year, when it was fine to shop at Costco or Wal-Mart, but small businesses were shuttered.

And what about the injustice to our children? Many students haven’t been inside a classroom for almost a year. It’s estimated that existing achievement gaps will be worsened by 15-20 percent because of school shutdowns.

Virtually every major policy chosen to address the pandemic has only empowered government and weakened the individual rights of Americans.

It’s ironic that under the guise of “fairness,” politicians would seek to advance measures that will only expand government still further.

Truly, that’s not fair.

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Hugh Hewitt: Our Children: Key Victims of Pandemic Politics

If you’re a parent or a grandparent of school-aged children, I am sure you’ve been tracking with the fact that:

One: School-aged children are safe if they return to school.

And two:

President Biden was elected with a promise to get our kids back into school.

The Associated Press came out with a story this week that amounts to little more than fake news—the real sort of fake news.

The headline was simple: “Union approves deal with Chicago schools to return to class.”

That sounds great, but it’s five paragraphs in when we learn—and I quote—“No plans have been set for high school students, who will continue with online learning.”

The headline ought to have been: Union approves deal with Chicago schools not to return to class.

Chicago is like L.A., which is like New York City—cities with enormously powerful public employee unions—unions that virtually run their Democratic parties, which do indeed run their cities. The teacher unions are operating with a concern for their pensions and with an effort to keep their members at home.

Our young ones are paying the price.

Reopen the schools and reopen them now.

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Lanhee Chen: A Hypocrisy Pandemic

California Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly called on Californians to come together and make sacrifices to fight COVID-19.

The request would have been better received if, at the same time, Governor Newsom wasn’t off violating his own public health guidance by dining with a group of lobbyists at one of America’s most posh restaurants. Or, sending his kids to a Sacramento private school, in person, while many California schools remain closed for in-person learning and millions of students slog their way through online classes.

The problem with Newsom’s hypocritical actions is that they undercut the very health care professionals and scientists whose advice he is asking Californians to follow. It makes those of us who live in California wonder who we can trust, and what guidance we should be listening to. At a time when we need leadership and clarity, Newsom has given us hypocrisy and confusion.

California’s voters won’t soon forget his shortcomings.

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Albert Mohler: COVID-19 and the American Family

The COVID-19 pandemic has done a lot to reveal the importance of the family.

Over these past five months we’ve seen a fascinating and revealing debate about the education of our children—with new conversations about public and private schooling, and of course new attention paid to homeschooling.

We’re seeing a lot of talk as well about justice and equality, about the role of parents and the structure of families.

This revealing headline recently appeared in the New York Times: “Every Choice for Parents Contains Potential Risks or Unfair Advantages.”

Claire Cain Miller writes, “It’s the newest front in America’s parenting wars,”—and you can count on the fact now that parents are getting judged and criticized as she says, “on message boards and in backyard meetups and virtual PTA meetings.”

But our pandemic has served to reveal that there is no structure, no program, no government intervention that can ever replace a functioning intact family with a mom and a dad.

Family provides benefit.

For that we should be grateful—and not ashamed—and not ashamed to say it.

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