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Jerry Bowyer: Amazon Should Smile on All Charities

With millions of Americans unemployed or forced to shutter their businesses, charitable organizations are becoming even more vital. Through their “Smile” program, Amazon allows customers to give small amounts to charities as part of their orders.

But the tech giant relies on the progressive Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which charities are worthy of their support. But the SPLC isn’t a neutral arbiter: it’s a left-wing smear factory—labeling many Christian charities as “hate groups.”

In light of this, the Alliance Defending Freedom has launched a campaign to persuade Amazon, a publicly-traded company, to stop depending on the SPLC’s absurd blacklist as a guide for their program. It’s imperative that investors and consumers push back on organizations like the SPLC that exercise such enormous influence over corporate life.

Amazon should allow their consumer to help fund any charity that is actually helping people, not just those that conform to left-wing dogma.

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