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Jittery Markets, the Memo and a defender of Masculinity

School Shooting

Townhall Review — February 10, 2018 Kimberly Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal , speaks with Dennis Prager about why the howling and protests came from Democrat, FBI, and Justice Department members following the release of “ the memo.”  Mike Gallagher catches up with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow for an analysis on the economy, of which the Dow Jones Industrial tanked spectacularly...

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Hugh Hewitt: Trump the Builder


President Trump’s opening words of his State of the Union Address were his entire message, “A clear vision, a righteous mission.” The speech was 100 percent pure Trump, because he was first, and remains primarily, a builder: first of towers, then of a television show, then of the most unorthodox campaign in American history, now...

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Michael Medved: Focus on the State of the Union

Trump Builder

This is Michael Medved for Townhall.com, with a message to President Trump: congratulations, Mr. President, on your first year in office. In the upcoming State of the Union Address you should highlight our strong economy, progress against ISIS, cuts in taxes and regulation, judicial appointments and more. You should paraphrase Ronald Reagan by asking:...

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David Davenport: Previewing Trump’s First State of the Union Speech

Oprah Winfrey President

A president’s first state of the union message is an important occasion. But in our era of political theater, there is some danger that this year the sideshow will overshadow the main attraction. Several Democratic members of Congress say they will boycott the event.  One Congresswoman is encouraging females who...

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