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Michael Medved: Lessons from the College Cheating Scandal

The cheating scandal in college admissions should force immediate changes at leading universities. For instance, corrupt parents bribed coaches and created false records for their kids, who pretended to be athletic stars in water polo, rowing or sailing.

But why reserve slots even for children who really excel in these sports? How does the presence of better student golfers, for instance, raise the quality of a major college? Football and basketball can make big money for the university, but minor sports cost money that only inflates tuition.

Moreover, kids who are accomplished in sailing, golf, or tennis, most likely come from wealthy backgrounds. Giving them preferences in admissions is like affirmative action for rich kids.

In addition to grades and test scores, it’s appropriate to count volunteerism, or artistic ability, or community leadership. But to tilt toward participants in minor sports shows a problem of misplaced priorities.

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Dan Proft: Silencing Dissent

NEA, Students assult Allison Stranger

Allison Stanger, a self-identified liberal professor at Middlebury College actually suffered a concussion early this month after being assaulted by leftist students protesting the presence of eminent sociologist Dr. Charles Murray on campus.

Her assault has forced the Left to address campus culture at America’s elite universities.

What the safe space social engineers find is that they’ve lost control of the young Frankensteins whose minds they filled with agitprop rather than intellectual curiosity.

At Middlebury, Stanger was mugged by the reality, quite literally, that there is no safe space for dissent from the established campus orthodoxy. By abetting a contrarian view on campus, Stanger crossed into the enemy camp and thus became fair game.

In her description of the violence, Stanger offers the clichéd contention that we are at “a boiling point.”

Are we?

Or is it more accurate to say that thuggery is what leftist students have been taught since the ’60s—and now it’s being used to silence dissent and extract what they what?

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