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Michael Medved: No Two Sides on Gaza Rockets

The old-saying “there are two sides to every argument” does not apply to violent exchanges between Israel and the Gaza terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Without provocation or purpose, Palestinian terrorists launched 690 rockets against Israel, striking schools and hospitals while murdering four civilians.

Israel responded with intense air strikes, aimed at military targets and militant leadership. The only public explanation for Palestinian attacks involved the desire to disrupt Israeli Independence Day and the Eurovision song competition in Tel Aviv.

Nevertheless, U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib sympathized with such random acts of destruction, asking: “When will the world stop dehumanizing our Palestinian people who just want to be free?”

For 14 years, residents of Gaza have been totally “free” of Israeli rule and all Jewish settlements and yet they somehow believe that firing rockets at innocent Israelis counts as brave and productive.

It’s not just insanity, it’s self-destructive evil.

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Lanhee Chen: The Terror Threat Is Real

Tax Reform

In the last week alone, terrorists have attacked or attempted to attack targets in European nations we call allies and friends. One of the main railway stations in Brussels, Belgium was targeted. So too were innocent civilians on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

These attempts came on the heels of deadly attacks in London and Manchester, and recent attacks in Stockholm, Berlin, and Nice.

The threat of radical jihadist terrorism is real. And if we are naïve enough to believe that the terrorists are only interested in attacking European nations, shame on us. They’d love nothing more than to successfully attack the American homeland.

That’s why, for all of the threats we face around the world, none is more significant than the one that we face from radical Islamic terrorism. The intelligence community and law enforcement has have done a superb job of keeping Americans safe since 9/11. Lawmakers should make sure they have everything they need for success. And the Trump Administration should continue to devote time, effort, and resources to neutralizing and, eventually, defeating this threat.

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Hewitt: “The Slaughter Of the Innocents”

U.S. Senate

“The Slaughter of the Innocents.”

That’s the title from the U.K.’s Daily Mail piece chronicling the latest attack from radical Islamic terrorists.

This time: It was in Manchester Arena in the U.K., in the aftermath of the Ariana Grande concert.

At least 22 are dead.

Over 100 are injured, some of them very seriously.

The horrific incident is yet another bloody reminder of the long war—yes a decades long war—that the nations of the developed world have against Islamist terrorism.

In the West, we’ve seen a reticence to label the threat for what it is, a willingness to tolerate the occasional act of terror as the price for living in the age in which we do and a general fatigue in the fight.

This week’s attack should motivate us toward two ends: Prayers and love and support to the injured, their families, and families of the fallen. And: We should steel our resolve.

As individuals, as a people and a nation: We need to fight radical Islamic terror … and we cannot tire in that fight.

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